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    4 Hours 

    Per Organizer

18 Hours

Per Organizer

  10 Hours

  Per Organizer


24 Hours

Per Organizer

 Chaos 2 Comfort Hands on Organizing Packages

Each Package includes:
Game Plan for Project & Estimate 
Hands on Professional Organization
Coordination for disposal of purged items

trash, donate, & sell
Shopping for supplies (containers are separate )
Four Hour Minimum per Visit in Service Area

Packages are Paid in Full & Honored  for 1 year 


Organizer in Kitchen

Chaos 2 Comfort Virtual Organizing Packages 

Each Package Includes:

  • Game Plan for Project

  • Virtual Organization Coaching via Video Calls (hours vary based on package). Zoom, Facetime, Skype

  • Supplemental Email Correspondence (email quantity based on package)

  • Coordination for disposal of purged items

  • Recommended Supply List (containers not included in price)

*Packages honored for 1 year from purchase date

1 Hour

1 email

 4 One Hour Sessions 

2 emails

 6 One Hour

3 emails

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