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About Page picture Teresa Taylor Organizing a Home

Many of my clients ask “why did you become an organizer”? Well, I have to be honest, purely selfish reasons motivated me to become a Organizer Professionally.

After moving from a 3 story home in Savannah, GA to a tiny cottage in Roswell GA, I needed major help!!!  Despite having a Master's Degree in Interior Design I  was floundering and wanted to know the organizer's secrets... because short of nailing chairs to the walls, I could not make it work. 

So, I attended an "Organizer's" meeting and was smitten! I was delighted! the skills of organizing can be learned. I met wonderful organizers that allowed me to work with them doing Corporate Moves. This experience gave me the opportunity to hone my skills.

Now, when working with clients all over the US,  I have to say, "SweetPea, stop beating yourself up! You don't know how to do this simply because you were never taught the skills."  There is a system for organizing and you can learn it like I did!!

For 15 years, Chaos2Comfort Organizing has been dedicated to providing and teaching organizational skills that will allow you to create the comfortable cozy home you desire. All you need is a plan. I am also working  virtually with classes & one on one sessions to stop Clutter


If you want to stop the chaos of clutter, I would love to be a part of your organizing team!

I'm looking forward to working with you!

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