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Organizing Journey the Before Picture

The Before Picture

We all love to see Before and After pictures. Whether it is a Fashion Makeover, a Home Makeover, or a Closet Makeover they are fun to view. But, do we still enjoy the image if we are the before image? Having been the before picture of disorganization myself I can honestly say it is not fun for me to look back on my before’s. Because, the circumstances that landed me in my mess were very stressful and very shameful in my eyes.

I also felt that I could/should be able to turn my cluttered dilemma around all by myself. Now, I realize that the skill of Organizing is not taught and there was no way I could have been expected to know how to keep my life in beautiful boxes??? (Yes, we all view to many Pinterest, and Instagram feeds of perfectly color coordinated uber organized spaces.) Please know that skill of Organizing can be learned and practiced for the rest of your life. Having walked the path myself I want to encourage and support you in attaining your goal of Getting Organized! But, more importantly I want to help support you in Staying Organized!

So as a Professional Organizer when I am contacted for a Consult by folks that are completely at their wits end I have total empathy. Knowing that by the time the potential client has mustered the courage to contact me they are in total tail spin. Often they feel alone and helpless to dig out of their situation. When I asked them to tell me a little bit about what was going on in their world the themes are often the same. There has been a life changing transition that lands them in a situation they can no longer ignore. Our conversation starts like this “is this the worst you have ever seen?”. And, I would think…not even close. And, who cares anyway? Let’s take assessment and get a plan because no one should have to live with these feelings...

  • Isolated

  • Shamed

  • Judged

  • Responsible

So, through the years I have come to realize that the only way to truly KICK negative feelings is to practice the opposite feeling LOVE!!! This is a topic I wish to explore and if you are ready please join me on a Journey Of LOVE & Humor?

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