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Organize & Declutter Entrance, Foyer, or Mudroom, Welcome Home!

It is time to create the home you desire and there is no better place to start than your Entrance! Doesn’t matter if you call it your Foyer, Entry, or Mudroom it is the first impression your home gives. Ohhh how I dream of a Country Manor with a grand Receiving Hall. My guest would arrive and be dazzled by the beautiful archway, fresh cut flower arrangement, and crystal chandelier! My Butler would take their coats and escort them into my Drawing Room prepared to offer them Champagne and Hors d’ oeuvres... Wait, now I am awake! And, the first one that will greet you at my house is Miss Bea barking!

Well, back to the real world...where we live busy lives that demand our homes function without a Butler to “receive guest”. Today our homes may not have an area separating the outside from the Living Room, but it doesn't matter the size or layout, you can always create a beautiful and functional space. As you enter your home it should feel like your sanctuary, your safe place. your haven. Our homes should nurture and inspire us to create!

Grand Entrance with long hallway

So let's get started!

Dream big and fully embrace the essence or energy you'd like your home to radiate when you or your guests enter?

As a Designer and Organizer these are the questions I ask myself when I'm planning a space. And, this is where I am starting Swedish Death Cleaning in my home!

Tip: Start with a deep breath so you don't get overwhelmed and let your inspiration soar. This is the fun part - you get to DREAM!

1. How do you want your Entrance to function?

most spaces in our homes must multi-task, make it flow for your needs! Our foyers

work housing many categories all demanding organization and storage.

  • Sports equipment

  • Shoes, slippers

  • Coats, hats, gloves

  • Umbrellas, rain boots

  • Keys

  • Returns

  • Mail

  • Backpacks

2. How do you want your Entrance to feel?

Fun, Formal, Classic, Utilitarian, Modern, Minimal- What is your Signature?

  1. Clean, easy to maintain

  2. Clutter free of mail, coats & shoe

  3. Welcoming & Cheerful flowers, plants, a spot to check your appearance

4. Well lit, Cozy, Charming

5. Organized with Systems in place to maintain functions

6. A focal point like art to draw your family & guest into your home

7. Mat or rug to land on

I love to spend time on Pintrest and Instagram & leaf through my favorite magazines looking for ideas. Take your time have FUN with this dream process.

TIP: Stand at your entrance and take a photo.

With a photo

you can see the REAL space, then edit...

If you are overwhelmed and would like help with Organizing & Decluttering give Chaos 2 Comfort a shout!!!!!

Chaos 2 Comfort Logo

Teresa Taylor

Hands On or Virtual Organizing

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