Where is the lemonade pitcher

There are many trials that life throws at us and they can deeply affect how we function in our day to day dealings. Oddly, when the storms of life come we still have to function in the real world. Bills still come, we still need to return calls, and tend to family in the middle of our pain. A doctor told me once “Teresa if you had a broken leg people could see your predicament and make allowances for you. But, when you have a broken heart they cannot see your injury”. This made so much sense to me at the time. I, like my clients, was pretending that all was well in carpool line and work. I was grace under fire, at least in public. If the outside world only knew how much energy it took to struggle to get dressed they would run in the other direction. As soon as I got home I retreated to my bed or hid in my closet because I could not stand myself. I was full of hate, fear, and could not make a decision to save my life. I was hopeless.

But, this is not about pain. It is about you finding love and humor! I want you to know that I understand folks going through life’s transitions. While on this earth we all experience shifts. Not all are bad but they can change life as we know it. And, it is important to learn through our journey the lessons we are presented with. You know that whole lemons to lemonade thing…Nothing highlights our organizational skills more than having these major events explode in our lives and we cannot find the pitcher for the lemonade! Not to mention that during these events we often have an audience and critics ready to judge our every move. They can see how disorganized we are triggering our shame. And, I want us to start approaching our lives in the loving manner we deal with others. And, to find the humor in wearing your shirt inside out and backwards. I am going to harp on this so you can feel your value and start showing up for yourself in love. and humor. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. And, always remember laughter is the very best medicine. It is only through embracing these traits that I have been able to lovingly keep my organizational systems in place. Otherwise, I would be on a self destructive path to a cluttered junk drawer. (there should never be a junk drawer in our life).

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