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"Teresa brought her interior design background and enthusiasm to bear in a way that subdued the chaos surrounding me.  She realized that every space offered its own potential and had an eye for bringing out the best – whether in placement of a beloved piece of art or via arrangement of fragile heirlooms."

- C. Baechler,

"Chaos 2 Comfort is the best. As an agent, I can see the results of their work in quicker sales at a higher price. Hiring Chaos 2 Comfort is a very cost effective way to get your home ready to sell."

- Ben Staten,
Real Estate Agent

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Teresa Taylor

Professional Organizer  
Virtual Organizer
Interior Designer
Senior Move Manager


Ready to get your Cozy on?

Help I am so Overwhelmed and so disorganized! I don't know where to start...can you help???


These are the pleas I always hear on my first email. Immediately my heart goes out to them as I they have a story & a source of their disorganization. As their Organizer I am eager to help them create a plan to return their home into a cozy dwelling. 

By reading articles we are sure we will find the magic fix "Secrets to De-Cluttering", and my favorite "Buy these Containers & Clutter disappears" Have you tried all of them? The result is likely more clutter & frustration because now everything is hidden.

Spoiler alert...there are no magic fixes!!!

There are only tried and true steps to organization. When these steps are followed they provide the success you desire.

If you are ready to start this journey of self care I am ready to h old your hand & hear your story.  Let's start your project virtually!

1. We will make a very big mess

2. We will sort it all out

3. We will formulate a plan to maintain

4. We will laugh along the way

Ready to start your Journey?

Just give us a shout!